How to Play Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Guide

Starting Out in Destiny 2: New Light

As many of you might have heard, Destiny recently went free-to-play and that has led to a lot of players trying out the game for the first time. It might surprise you that I was one of those new players that tried out Destiny for the first time. I didn’t know what to expect but I was quite overwhelmed with what I got. There was just too much information to process with the Tower looking like it had been through hell, the different people giving me quests, and the fact that I had no one to actually show me the ropes, I was left quite hapless. It wasn’t until I found out that one of my friends loves Destiny that I really got into Destiny. Hopefully, this little guide will help you along the journey of becoming a proper guardian. Eyes Up! I hope you enjoy our article on How to to Play Destiny 2.

Do the Main Quests:

The absolute first thing you should do is get the main quests from Amanda Holiday. She is one of the mechanics for the Tower’s ships and she can be found in the Tower. When you spawn in just go left instead of straight and it will lead right to her. From here, you can grab The Red War, Warmind, and Curse of Osiris. Not only are these quests going to teach you about the lore of the game, they will also make you familiar with the different places that you’ll end up going to, and will teach you the basic mechanics of the game. That is why you should do these three as soon as you can, although the Red War is more important than the other two. It’s a pretty good story too so you should definitely check it out.

Destiny 2 Guide

Take Part in the Weekly Reset:

Every week Destiny gets a reset which introduces a new Nightfall, new challenges, as well as a bunch of other things. Doing these weekly things gives you a lot of good loot so be sure to do them, especially the different challenges from Tower vendors. They can get you some pretty good loot that can bump up your light level pretty easily.

Don’t be Afraid of PvP:

One of the biggest elements of the Destiny experience is the PvP that you can take part in. There are more than 9 different PvP activities that you can take part in and they all have something unique to offer. The main reason you want to take part in PvP is because of the loot. PvP has a chance of dropping you extremely good loot.

Destiny 2 Guide

Keep Track of Your Loot:

In Destiny, every gun has a different role (except for exotics) and thus has different things that make them stand out. These weapons come with god rolls, rolls that have been decided to be the absolute best in the community. You should definitely look up the god rolls of each weapon and keep the best ones. You should also not judge a weapon because of the light level that it has. If it’s a god-tier weapon you can infuse it with higher light level pieces to make it more powerful so don’t throw away a weapon just because of a lower light level.

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