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We’ve talked about modpacks before and what the best ones are currently but a lot of you were asking about servers that are fun to play on and actually reward you for playing on them. Well you asked for it so here is one of the best servers currently out there and it’s called CryptoPrison.

What is CryptoPrison?

The basic premise of CryptoPrison is that you spawn in and make your own gang in a world where lawlessness reigns. In order to survive in this brutal world you will need to either join a gang or make your own but be careful who you let in your gang because you never know who you can trust. Go head to head against other gangs as you battle for dominance in this rough world.
The first step to being the roughest and toughest gang out there is to make a hideout that is both safe and luxurious. Build whatever you want without any limits in the plotworld. Hide away your hideout from others to keep your loot safe or put it in the middle of the map and show that you aren’t scared of anyone. Build whatever you can imagine, hideout in the castle, live in a tree house, or get adventurous and create the base of all your operation under the water.
Why you need a gang hideout? The reason is pretty simple because you’ll be facing other gangs and you will need a safe place to hole up when the going gets rough. This server includes a gang v gang style dueling system in which players of each gang take part in a duel and to the victor go the spoils. Build up your gang, initiate new members, and make your fight to the top of the food chain as you go head to head against gangs comprised of real people, all playing from around the world.


The duel system is something that needs a little more clarification as it is not as simple as it may seem. At the start of the duel, you’ll wager certain items that will go to the gang that wins. Once the spoils have been decided, the players selected, and the rules set, go head to head against other games on a level playing field and emerge as the victor. Use your spoils to further enhance your gang, get better weapons and armor, and fortify your base so that no one steals any loot from you. Fight for the most powerful items in the game through duels because that is the only way that they will change hands. Increase your power and influence by accruing these items and making sure that you retain them no matter what.

Introducing Ranks!

With a new update to the server, you can now have powerful ranks that properly describe how much power and influence you have in the server. The ranks are visible to everyone so that they know who to watch out for. Increase your ranking by playing more on the server and making sure no one is able to compete for your spot as the best gang on the server. Keep your rivals in check, make alliances, and ensure that you never lose the power that you have managed to get on the server.

Auctions Return!

Bringing back a fan favorite, the auction has been revamped to make sure it works perfectly with every auction. You can now regularly expect auctions to take place. Buy low and sell high as you get the most in-game currency possible. If you don’t want to be a gangster you don’t have to be. Turn to the business side of things as you learn how to play the market and as a result make millions for yourself. Gather items from auctions and sell them when their demand rises to make a tidy profit for yourself. Use that money to enhance your power and influence you have on the server and take your gang to new heights as you infuse it with a new form of cash flow.

Passive Income:

Busy but still want to get in-game money and items? Use this link to learn how to get passive income from the game and make money when you’re not there. Use out unique crypto mining feature to make money passively. All you have to do is register and pick a power level. Once that is done you can just leave the game running as it automatically gets you in-game loot and money. You can even get credits that you can redeem in the store for in-game benefits. This removes all the pay-to-win elements and ensures that everyone has an equal footing in the game. Join the struggle to become the best gang in the world today!

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