How to Farm Credits in Warframe

Many Warframe players will noticed after buying new weapons or blueprints will result in them having no credits. Usually you will just go grinding on missions for a couple days, but what if I told you can easily grind ~500,000 credits in 2 hours. With this guide, you will be on your way to being able to easily farm credits.

There are a couple ways to be able to earn a lot of credits, but I will be listing my top 3 farming areas for credits.

#1 Gabii, Ceres

How to farm credits in Warframe

Gabii is a early game dark sector survival mission where you can easily grind 20,000 – 25,000 credits after 5 minutes. After 2 hours of grinding, you will definitely be able to get over 500,000 credits. And you can get to Ceres very early in the game with no struggles.

#2 The Index, Neptune

How to farm credits in Warframe

Although the Index is available later in the game, it is a great option to farm credits especially when at Medium wager, 40,000 credits, you can earn a profit of 135,000 credits in one match. For more information on the Index, click here.

#3 Seimeni, Ceres

How to farm credits in Warframe

Another Ceres location, Seimeni, where you can earn 20,000 in the first 5 waves, and you almost always end up with a group. This is anther great mission for grinding early game. These are a couple of my favorite locations for credit farming and make sure to comment below credit farming locations that I didn’t include.

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