How to win at Pac-Man – Tips and Tricks

After so many years and thousands of failures, are you ready to conquer this giant? Are you ready to learn how to beat your darkest nightmare? Today we are talking about the most difficult but so simple game in history. The game that was there for all of us when the technology was advancing faster than we would ever imagine. Pac-Man, the game of patterns is not such a big deal right now and we are here to help you get through this. I hope you enjoy this “How to win at Pac-Man – Tips and Tricks” guide!

Simple facts about Pac-Man

The most confusing part of the game is represented by the team of ghosts which would not stop from moving in any direction. Sometimes they would chase you and almost every time you would get killed by them. Pac-Man is a game of patterns so those ghosts are just some predefined patterns followers. If you move Pac-Man in the right way, you might have a chance to beat the game.

Also, you might want to read the article until the end because you are going to need all the advice you can get to beat all the 256 levels. Not to mention that after a certain point, you will not be able to eat those ghosts anymore.

Always look for your opponents

And by that, we mean that you should always be careful where your enemies(ghosts) are. It should not be that hard, there are only 4 of them. Here we start to give you some really good information. Make sure that you always watch the ghosts nearest to you, and always be careful when the Red and the Pink one are close. These two are the most faster ghosts. Basically, they can catch you if they corner you are if you make a wrong turn.


Pac-Man is not a smart game

Before quitting the game, try to think about that probably the algorithms in 1980 were not so smart and there is a slight chance you might be smarter than the game. The most important thing about the game is how the ghosts turn corners. Have in mind the fact that although they have eyes, the ghosts cannot really see you so you are not being chased. The most effective way to get away from a ghost is to run in places where these ghosts have to make a decision. By that, I mean that they have to decide between turning left or right or chasing you. Most of the times, they will not chase you.

Always stay in those places on the map where you can take a lot of routes, the ghosts will do the same.

Go get those points

Now that you`ve learned how to avoid being killed, it is time to have fun in this game. You can start a contest between your friends so you be the first to prove that you are a master. When it comes to points, try to gather as many points as you can using the power-ups. Generally, it is a good idea to clear the map in quarters.

Another thing you should consider is that you do not have to take the power up if there are less than 3 ghosts around you. Two ghosts are easy to avoid. Last but not least, using one power-up you should try and eat all four ghosts because they will give you a lot of points, 200, 400, 800 and 1600. This way you can get ahead of your friends.

I hope you enjoyed this “How to win at Pac-Man – Tips and Tricks” guide! Make sure to keep them secret! Share your thoughts!

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