How is Steam dominating the online gaming world

There are a few reasons why Steam is such a king when it comes to the gaming world. Why everyone is using Steam? Why everybody is so excited every day to join their steam community and play the games you can play also without using their platform? In this article we will try to answer your questions and figure out why is Steam dominating the online gaming world and why we still love to play our games there. Before we begin we would like to say that one of the biggest reasons for this article is that we think Steam is the most user-friendly gaming platform you can use. Let us get back to the article


Free Games?!

More than that, Steam can be free if you choose not to invest in games. This is a beautiful part of this platform. If you are more like a professional YouTuber or gamer in your spare time, Steam is a very cheap place for your favorite games. On the platform, you can benefit from a lot of sale sessions and sometimes these sales can get up to 75%. For example, when it first appeared, CS-GO was a little bit expensive for some of us, but in a winter sale, the price dropped by 50%. How can you not love that? Speaking of CS:GO, have you read our guides on best CS:GO Weapons and CS:GO Tips and Tricks? Check them out now!

Steam Summer Sale

Like I said before, Steam has a lot to offer. There are a lot of free games you can choose from and so many big names available for no money. And you do not need a membership. This is just one of the many reason why Steam is dominating the online gaming world!

It is very easy to use and convenient

One of the reasons Steam is used by so many people around the world is simplicity. Also, there is no such thing as difficulties when it comes to platform usage. All you have to do is just remember your username and password. That’s it. With that in mind, you can now use your account on any computer. Just download the Steam client, log in, and start downloading your games from your account. You do not have to carry discs, old USBs and so on.

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More than that, there is no such thing as an activation code. I remember one time when some of my friends came over to play some Playerunknown`s Battlegrounds (PUBG). Everybody had a laptop, all of us logged in very fast and we started to play and have fun.


More about convenience, you do not have to be online to play your games. Of course, if your game is an MMO, you cannot play it, but if you can do single-players, Steam has an offline mode which will activate if you are not connected to the internet. How good is that? You can start the Steam client and play Grand Theft Auto V offline until your internet comes back on.

We hope that you understand now why so many people love to play their games on Steam. We have to admit that the community is pretty impressive. Share your thoughts!

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