Where is the Gaming Community heading?

The technological growth and robust encroachment has eventually led the gaming community to a point where it has developed almost effusively. People from all over the world are somehow involved in its development. Playstations, Nintendos, X-boxes and PSPs, there are tons of gaming gadgets created every now and then since the first video gaming station was introduced back in the 60’s.

First, let’s get a little overview of what a gaming community actually is. A gaming community is basically a group of players who are indulged in the different gaming sessions all focusing on a single game as a group. These communities are mainly online. The online gaming communities can be played individually as well as in a group.

But there are hundreds of questions which one might think. What is the future of the gaming community? Will it clutch up in the coming years? Will there be new consoles in the market?

There are multiple predictions regarding the advancement of the gaming community. Some researchers suggest that the downfall of the gaming community is near while the others predict the expansion and growth of the community.

The Future of Gaming Community:

The different rumors have led to distinct assumptions.

As per some resources, the development of exciting and modern technology can impact the progression of the gaming community to a really great extent. The VR have taken over, people are more immersed in different kinds of gaming options rather than opting for the consoles and PCs.

Thus, majority of the researchers suggest that the gaming community is soon going to crash. With more innovative devices and gadgets being created on and off, there is literally quite little room left for the gaming community to develop.


Impact of Online Streaming on Video Games:

For several years, the gaming and video content has always been the second option to video and music platforms like Dailymotion and Youtube. The gaming community expanded like a wildfire in the forest, however the downfall of this community started the day online streaming of games became possible.

The trend of gaming community augmented ever since the online streaming has launched. People are more diverted towards the online platforms which are mainly free of cost, rather than investing money on consoles, PCs and video gaming gadgets.

Other than the online gaming platforms, VR also took over the gaming communities. The co-founder of thatgamecompany said;

“As far as rich, immersive worlds, VR is going to be amazing at offering this. But, I think, will it capture the majority of gamers? I don’t think so.”

The VR community is continually dominating the gaming community because the people are more willing to jump on online gaming sessions for VR instead of playing on the gaming platforms. If you are wondering why, consider checking out my article about the Oculus Quest.

Moreover, Hodent says that there will be platforms (in the future) which one cannot even imagine. The exact words are;

“It’s interesting to see that Oculus is already going standalone. The intriguing part for me, is what will be our main interface to access games by 2022, besides computer gaming: TV via cloud or via entertainment networks? Or via physical consoles still? Standalone headsets or goggles?”

Thus, it can be concluded that the gaming community will eventually lose its place and other digitally-advanced gaming trends will take over.

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