Mordhau Review (Are the blades sharp enough?)

The battlefield demands courageous men who take the revenge of their fellow soldiers through the bloody war, which follows bloodshed and a long journey towards the victory. This is the brutal realities of Mordhau, a strategy-based and revenging game with medieval combat fields satisfies the multiplayer needs of gamers. Most of the battlefield games provide simple gameplay with men pointing out swords towards their enemies. However, Mordhau gives you an interesting and thrilling experience of entering into the enemies lines and crushing their defensive approaches with different war strategies.

Mordhau Funny Moments

So, Mordhau is one of the most engaging multiplayer melee game I have played so far. The basics player options are simple and captivating. You take up war tools and arms in the Default Frontline Mode with a warrior like feeling. You have the option to choose from nine warrior classes, or you can make one for you. Mordhau offers realistic medieval battlefields with strong enemies which are challenging to destroy. You can save yourself from attacks with several defence tactics and sword-plays. Here are some of the best game-play features of this game which I find highly relevant with modern gaming styles:

Multiplayer and Offline Play Options

Whether you have an internet connection or not; start playing Mordhau by installing the game offline. You can compete with your enemies with the multiplayer option, which is more interactive and real. So, start crushing the enemy lines and forget about taking rest during the offline mode. You are challenged by as many as 64-players in war modes including the Battle Royale and Frontline.


Swift Gameplay

War games with multiplayer options often lag and do not provide a smooth and swift experience to the gamers. This is not the case with Mordhau, which is swift enough to record and display every action with highly customized battlefields and characters. It offers outstanding swordplay with an equal reaction from your opponent. You will not experience lagging in any of the war gestures, which makes you stronger against your enemies. You can counter the attacks with every defensive measure showing an equivalent counter control and weapon.

Mordhau Gameplay

Highly Customized Charters

Mordhau has various war kit design to choose from. These designs are based on your progress in the game. You can choose different skins and war kit designs to show your progress level and posture on the battlefield. However, the available kits are only different shades of white color. So, Mordhau does not reflect any historical war front or battleground, which makes it a bit weird because gamers love reality. Besides, you can also select the type of weapon which suits your character and gameplay. Check out our article on the best customizations for Mordhau here.

The Verdict

Mordhau provides a satisfying experience of war and battlefield gaming. However, there are several shortcomings in the gameplay, including the online gameplay stability and time required to take full advantage of melee combat. The online gameplay faces interruptions in multiplayer option and takes hours and hours to get into a match. Furthermore, the graphics require higher GPU power, which is not at par with the current graphics options the gamer offers.


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