CS:GO Tips and Tricks

There are four main aspects of CS:GO that can tell anyone whether you’re new at the game or have been playing it for a long time. With this CS:GO Tips and Tricks, you will improve on these four aspects quickly. With time you will eventually prove to everyone that you are a great CS:GO player.


Your movement matters a lot in CS:GO. From the way you leave spawn to how you attack site, there are things that you need to keep in mind. The first thing that you should know is that you will always move faster when holding your knife. A very basic thing I know, but it can make a difference when attacking or defending a site. Even grenades slow you down so make sure to equip your knife when you know there’s no one waiting and you need to cross distance fast.

CS:GO Tips and Tricks

You should also keep your movement in mind when you are engaging in a firefight. Moving forward and backward messes with your aim while fighting. You should try to strafe as much as you can because that way you can reset your aim easily when transitioning from movement. An example will make this clearer. Suppose you are moving left and see a person. Don’t start firing immediately. Reset your aim by pushing right, aka ‘D’, so that your aim solidifies and you get a more accurate shot. The more practice you get with this technique, the more accurate your first shot will be.

You should also keep in mind that you are wildly inaccurate when moving so jump shots and sprint shots are out of the question. The hallmark of a good player is that they stop fire a few bullets and move again so that they can be accurate and still protect themselves from incoming bullets.

Crosshair Placement and Aim

If you play a lot of FPSs your aim should be decent enough to handle the low ranks of CS:GO. There is the matter of crosshair placement though. Your crosshair should always rest on where the enemy’s head should be. That way you can always get a headshot without having to move your mouse much. Which in turn gives you a better chance of killing someone with a headshot. Your aim should also be something that you constantly practice. Your aim only gets better with practice and worse with leaving it alone. Once you get in the habit of playing CS:GO daily you won’t have to worry about aim. Playing daily will get you use to the recoil of the guns. Check out our article about weapon recoil, economy and more here.

CS:GO Tips and Tricks

Grenades and Utility

This is one of the most important aspects of CS:GO. It is what separates the men from the boys and takes months, if not years, to master. I’ll list all of the nades in order of most to least important, at least according to me.

  1. Smokes
  2. Molotovs / Incendiaries
  3. Flashbangs
  4. Impact Grenades
  5. Decoy Grenades

I know I’ll cause some controversy by putting smokes on the top of the list but I believe that preference is on play style. I have a more passive play style which makes smokes more important for me but if you quickly want to take and keep control of a site then mollys are your best friend. Either way, all of these nades are important and necessary for winning rounds in CS:GO.

Smokes are for pushing, Mollys are for holding site or pushing someone else out, flashes are for getting kills or pushing into site without dying, and impact nades are great for getting people that are low on health. You can obviously try out every single nade by yourself and decide which is best for you but I almost always carry all of the top three whenever I can.


As for how, when, and where to throw nades, that’ll only come with playing the game because every situation is different and depending on the type of push you perform you’ll need different nades in different places. A good way to learn common nade spots is to watch CS:GO on YouTube. You can watch any of the pro players like Summit1G, Stewie2k, Dupreeh, or Xyp9x. Just focus on how these players throw their grenades and you’ll soon learn how to do that same. Watching pro league helps as well.

CS:GO Tips and Tricks


CS:GO is inherently a team game. A coordinated team of average players can easily beat an uncoordinated team of good players based on the plays they make and how well they work together. With that being the case you should try to always queue as a 5 stack but we know that’s incredibly difficult. That’s why you have to get used to talking to strangers and learning to work with them. Team play is a huge deal in this game, from pushing site to holding on to it, that’s why it’s a core component of this guide. Here are a few tips that you can keep in mind to keep solidarity as a team and increase your chances of winning.

The first thing you should do is to greet the team. That not only lets the team know that you have a mic but is also willing to use which means that you can give callouts and expect them in return. This way you can prompt everyone to use their mics and see who’s most responsive and who isn’t. You should also discuss a plan before each round, i.e. 1 mid, 2 B, 2A etc. That will set the roles of each of the members of the team and allows you to coordinate the team better. If you keep comms constantly, you can also know where the enemy is pushing from, and where the bomb is. That way you can anticipate their moves and rotate to the site you think they will attack. Keep all of these in mind and you’ll soon find like-minded players that are as adapt as you which will make the experience a lot more enjoyable. I hope you enjoyed this CS:GO Tips and Tricks.

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