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Latest Minecraft 1.14 Review (What to expect)

If you are a lover of this amazing game, then it shouldn’t shock you to know that Minecraft is still being updated till this day. Last year, it was announced at Minecon Earth that the latest (would it be the last? We certainly hope not!) Edition of Mojang’s Minecraft Java game would be released. In April this year, the update was implemented. This update was called 1.14 also known as Village and Pillage. I hope you enjoy this Minecraft 1.14 review!

Wandering Trader 1.14 Minecraft

And guess what? Mojang clearly do not disappoint! This is certainly the biggest Minecraft update, yet!

Village and Pillage as it is called, is the version 1.14 of our precious Minecraft. It comes with a number of captivating new mobs, items and blocks that would intrigue players and keep them in front of their screens for a long time. It also comes with new features such as foxes, pandas, pillagers, lanterns, ravagers, raids, illager patrols, composters, a campfire, lots of news blocks, a bell, a blast furnace, some community suggestions, biome based architecture for villagers, trading changes, a suspicious stew (Yummy? Be careful), a leather horse armor, crossbows, fletching tables, cartography and so much more. Check out our guide for Minecraft here.

1.14 Taiga Update Minecraft

Producers Mojang were clearly excited about the release of this game when they wrote on their blog that, “Apparently, it takes a village to raise a child. Frankly, if we’d known how much work putting together the biggest Minecraft update yet was going to be, we’d have probably taken the easy option and tried to raise that child instead”.


The accessibility of this game was also clearly improved, as there is now a new Accessibility Menu that allows gamers toggle the accessibility features with ease, new up and down arrow keys that allows gamers navigate through most lists without fuss, and a new feature that allows gamers to turn up the transparent text elements backgrounds for more readability.

Minecraft 1.14

Quite frankly, if you haven’t started playing the Minecraft Java 1.14, then you should hurry now to catch up on the excitement!

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  1. I like Minecraft and I’ve been playing it for years now and didn’t get bored. I can’t wait for Minecraft Dungeons to launch next year; I think that will draw in a lot of new players. The more classic dungeon crawlers (in the Minecraft world) they can get out, the better.

  2. Great game, I must give it to the creators they are doing a great job , every update comes with something new, exciting and thrilling . I look forward to having fun in my leisure time… thanks a lot for sharing.

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