Overwatch – How to Become a Professional D.Va Player

One of the top picked characters, D.Va is great character for beginners and professionals alike. Classified as a bruiser, D.Va is great for offense and defense. Even though she is used by many professionals, her game mechanics can be easily mastered. With this guide, you will be on your way to becoming a pro D.Va. But if you are interested in buying Overwatch, then BUY here at this link.


  • Can shut down enemy advances
  • Very high mobility
  • High DPS
  • Can easily break enemy shields
  • 400 Health; 200 Shield – 600 Total


  • Large Hitbox
  • Short Range of Engagement
  • Boosters can only be used to escape or attack


Fusion Cannons

Overwatch Gameplay

Delivering a nice 146 damage per second, her dual auto shotguns (DAS), Fusion Cannons, are able to mow down enemies with a wide spread and a short range. Also when play D.Va, I recommend buying a mouse with buttons on the side of it, so you don’t have to click buttons like Q for your ultimate and can just push a mouse button. The one I am using, the Logitech G602, is great for this as it has many extra buttons and high mobility. You can BUY it at this link.

  • Infinite Ammo
  • Can Headshot
  • Max 146 DPS
  • 0.6 – 2 damage per pellet
  • 11 pellets per shot
  • Max 22 body shot damage
  • 10 – 20 m falloff range
  • 6.67 shots per sec
  • 2.75 m/s movement speed
  • Falloff Damage: 11 – 30 meters = 24 – 0.5 damage
  • 50% movement decrease when firing

Game Mechanics/Tips

When firing, you gain a 50% decrease in speed and knock back. Remember this the next time a Lucio comes by. Also, try using your boosters to shorten your distance between your target to maximize damage output. Plus, due to D.Va’s damage output from the Fusion Cannons, max range shots can still cancel out shield regeneration on characters such as Zenyatta, Zarya, Symmetra, and Mercy’s passive

Light Gun

Overwatch Gameplay

When D.Va loses her mech, she is equipped with a light gun and is able to deal damage very quickly. The gun may not seem very strong but after a couple hits, you can deal massive damage.

  • Linear projectile type
  • 20 rounds per clip
  • 1.5-second reload
  • 14 damage
  • 7 rounds per sec
  • 50 m/s projectile speed
  • Can headshot
  • No Falloff Range

Game Mechanics/Tips

Stay out of enemy firing range to land shots on enemies while your mech call charges. Since the bullets are projectiles and mechless D.Va has a small hitbox., you are able to peak around a corner and shoot. This is a common tactic in FPS games where you can deal damage without risking your own health.



Overwatch Gameplay

D.Va’s primary way to engage in battle, the Boosters, can deal 10 damage while knocking back enemies a single time per use. She can also move in any direction while the Boosters are in use.

  • Damaging movement type
  • 10 damage
  • 25 m range
  • 12.5 m/s movement speed
  • Lasts 2 seconds or until cancelled
  • 5-second cooldown

Game Mechanics/Tips

An easy way to kill an enemy is to knock them off an edge or backwards when boosting. This is useful if the enemy uses an ultimate, giving your team some space. Another trick used only by professional D.Va mains is when boosting, cancel it as soon as possible when you don’t need it so you can start recharging your Boosters.

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Micro Missiles

Overwatch Gameplay

A barrage of missiles that you can fire upon enemies to easily finish them off. This is a great ability if you combine it another attack or ability.

  • Rapid fire linear splash projectile type
  • 2-7 damage per rocket
  • Max 126 damage per use
  • 2-4 splash damage
  • 4 splash self damage
  • 11 missiles per second
  • 40 m/s projectile speed
  • 1.5 m radius
  • ~0.5-second cast time
  • Lasts ~1.6 seconds
  • 8-second cooldown

Game Mechanics/Tips

When using the Boosters, go above a shield where an enemy is and dive-bomb, launching the Micro Missles for a suprise attack. With an accurate shot, you can easily charge up your ultimate withe 11 Micro Missles hits. Combined with your Fusion Cannons, you can easily farm your ultimate.

Defense Matrix

Overwatch Gameplay

A front facing shield that protects you from attacks and ultimates. This can be a difference between life and death in sticky situations. Though, it can only protect you in the front.

  • Mobile defense type
  • 8 seconds recharge time
  • 15 m range
  • 5.5 m/s movement speed
  • Lasts 2 seconds or until turned off
  • 2-second cooldown

Ultimates It Can Block

  • Graviton surge
  • Blizzard
  • Molten core
  • Tactical visor
  • Barrage
  • Whole hog
  • Pulse bomb
  • Tank configuration
  • Death blossom
  • Deadeye
  • Hanzo ult (arrow only)


Overwatch Gameplay

An insta-kill explosion that if strategically placed, can kill most of the enemy team. This is one of my favorite ultimates since if used correctly, can leave the enemy team in ruins.

Cast-time ultimate type
Timed bomb ability type
1000 damage
20 m radius
Lasts 3 seconds

Game Mechanics/Tips

Make sure to combo with other players to leave a devastating make on the team. Use Ana’s sleep dart to take down the shield person and watch the kill feed. Or have McCree flashbang everyone. Even have Zarya use her ultimate for a bigger kill amount. But you don’t need other people to help destroy the team. Zone bombs are great to take a zone easily or protect your zone from enemies. Flick bombs are bombs you boost into the air to surprise the enemy team. Though, expert players will often know about this and counter it. Another great way to use your ultimate is to nose dive into the enemy team and launch your ultimate. Using your ultimate in air and exploding it above enemy shields is great for unsuspecting kills.

Call Mech

Overwatch Gameplay

After using your ultimate or your mech being destroyed, mechless D.Va has a ultimate ability where she can call back her mech

  • Cast-time ultimate type
  • Form restoration ability type
  • 50 damage
  • Lasts 2 seconds

Game Mechanics/Tips

When calling your mech, you actually deal 50 damage with small knockback. Use this when you need some space from your enemies.


With this guide, you should now be able to help your team out when you play as D. Va.



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  1. Using a better mouse instead of having to click buttons like Q makes all the difference. When you’re up against good players every second counts and you need as many shortcuts as possible. The Self Destruct is my fave ultimate from the game. You can decimate the other team without too much effort.

  2. This is just written for me, The Overwatch has been a hard nut to crack for me … I usually think it is my PC now, I know better, I look forward to becoming a professional soonest..

  3. Absolutely loved this guide! Do more of these please. I want to learn to play with different characters. I am willing to put in the effort and time to become a pro at this game and such guides are very helpful. Also, if you can do VS type of posts so I can see why a character might be better than another and in which conditions that happens.

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