Vanilla Minecraft Tips and Tricks (1.14)

With Minecraft on the rise, you need to freshen up your block game. In this tips and tricks guide I will show you, Combat, Building, Farming, and Gathering techniques. I hope you enjoy!

1. Combat

Minecraft Combat

Ever since the the 1.9 update also known as the Combat Update the Minecraft gameplay just hasn’t been the same. Having a off hand attack (Dual Wielding) as well as having different types of attacks such as a long attack versus a short one.

ArmorTotal Defense PointsTotal Damage Reduction
Diamond Armor 10 Defense Points 80%
Iron Armor7.5 Defense Points60%
Chainmail Armor6 Defense Points48%
Golden Armor 5.5 Defense Points44%
Leather Armor3.5 Defense Points28%

As you can tell diamond Armor is the superior. Making it the best armor in the game. The only downfall to diamond armor is the rarity of diamonds. I personally go for a full iron set while running with a diamond sword.

This brings us to our next topic, weapons

SwordDamage to a non-armored unit Durability
Diamond Sword7 Health Points1561
Iron Sword6 Health Points250
Gold Sword4 Health Points32
Stone Sword5 Health Points131
Wood Sword4 Health Points59

Now with these swords come certian types of attacks

  • Sweep attack – Standing still with no attack cool down
  • Critical attack – While attacking there is a chance for it
  • Normal attack – When the cool down is 50% or less
  • Weak Attack – When the cool down is 50% or more

2. Building

Now that you have an idea on attacking, lets get to building. Did you know that you could make a infinite water source with two buckets of water. First make a 4×4 area of your choice of materials. Then dig out the 4 blocks in the middle. Next in one corner place a water bucket. The water should disperse to each square. Next the place the second water bucket in the opposite corner of the area. Boom, you have infinite water.

Minecraft Building


Stuck in your house surrounded by enemies? Spiders crawling up and down your roof? Well a little known trick to help you with that problem. Did you know that spiders can only climb when there are two blocks open. So if you placed a block every on every two open blocks, spiders can never scale your roof and surprise attack you at dawn.

Minecraft Building

In to stylish houses but don’t have the best materials? Check out this video below!

Scared to go into caves? Too dark? Well if you equip a torch in your off hand all your worries go away. Plus with an added bonus, you can still attack enemies

Minecraft Mining

Interested in finding more out about Minecraft’s Combat system? Consider buy their official Minecraft Handbook for Combat

3. Farming

Setting up a farm

  • Build a 7×7 platform
  • Carve out the middle
  • Replace the middle with dirt
  • Take the middle row of dirt and replace it with water
  • Boom, you have a fully efficient farm
Efficient Minecraft Farm
You are a farmer now!

The first thing you’ll want to farm is wheat. Wheat seeds can be obtained by simply punching dry wild grass until you get some. Once you have seeds you can chicken farm. They will produce eggs for you. When the wheat has grown then cows farming is your next move. Milk as well as leather and meat is a great resource from them. With wheat you can also farm sheep, which are perfect for any wool materials. Just get sheers and gather from them as soon as they are fully grown.

Minecraft Chicken Pen Idea
Chicken Pen Idea
Minecraft Sheep/Cow Pen Idea
Sheep/Cow Pen Idea

Want to know more about Minecraft’s farming system? Consider buying their official handbook on Farming!

4. Gathering

In this section, I will be showing you where can find uncommon materials

Iron OreIn layers 5-54
Coal OreIn layers 5-52
Gold OreIn layers 5-29
Lapis LazuliIn layers 14-16
RedstoneIn layers 5-12
DiamondIn layers 5-12
EmeraldIn layers 5-29
  • In each chunk loaded in your Minecraft world, there is a possibility of a maximum of 8 dungeons in that chunk. Dungeons can be found on any layer but are uncommon.
  • Dragon egg can only be obtained after killing the Enderdragon
  • Nether star can only be obtained by kill the Wither Boss
Minecraft Dungeon
Minecraft Dungeon



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  1. Recently started playing Minecraft and there is a LOT I need to learn. I think it will take me months to be on top of everything. Just by reading this guide of yours I learned a bunch of things. More Minecraft guides please!

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