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Top MORDHAU Beginner Builds/Skill Sets

There are a lot of choices in character builds and to a new player, this can be hard to decide what to get. And you have to figure out which build fits your playstyle. In this guide, I will be talking about the top Mordhau builds for beginners.

With only 16 points there are so many things you can spend such as spears, armor, fire bombs, and bows. Plus all the skills that help you. So what do you do. If you want a defensive build, you want a shield or heavy armor. We will go through all this through the character builds.

#1 The Defender

MORDHAU The Defender

Personally I don’t usually go with a defensive build, but defensive builds are absolutely needed in Mordhau. With high armor, this build is surely to make your enemies run. Also when I am in the heat of battle, I love to use my gaming mouse, the Logitech G602 mouse as it has many functions with extra buttons to quickly switch items or fast mobility to parry attacks. If you would like to get it, buy it on Amazon through this link!

  • 3/3/3 High Armor
  • Short Spear 4 points
  • Heater Shield 2 points
  • Tenacious 1 point

#2 The Assassin

MORDHAU The Assassin


This is one of my favorite builds as you can easily sneak past the enemy lines and strike from behind. Equipped with a rapier and dodge, prepare to finish any enemy in a couple clean stabs. Though you are not invincible as if you will not stand a chance if the enemy teams up on you. This is a great build if you like to bring the enemy team down by targeting single enemies.

  • 1/1/1 Light Armor
  • Rapier 4 points
  • Arming Sword or Bear Trap 2 points
  • Smoke Bomb 1 point
  • Dodge 4 points
  • Rat 2 points
Non-Slip Mouse Pad


Non-Slip Mouse Pad


#3 The Scout


A versatile build, but still has some protection, the Scout can attack the enemy lines at alarming speeds. Having high stamina, this build can quickly wear down your opponents. Though be careful when you get cornered by enemies.

  • 2/2/2 Medium Armor
  • Falchion 3 points
  • Dagger 1 points
  • Fire Bomb 2 points
  • Fury 2 points
  • Scavenger 1 point


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