MORDHAU Combat Guide

Want to finally beat your friends in MORDHAU? Well this MORDHAU Combat Guide has it all!

As of now MORDHAU is one of the top grossing games of 2019 with:

  • Currently 22,673 playing in-game right now
  • Selling over 1 million copies
  • Holding the title for one of the most popular games on Steam for the past week

I hope you enjoy, MORDHAU Combat Guide!

With the games increasing popularity and fancy combat style, the game isn’t as easy as it seems. Different weapons are better against certain armor such as blunt weapons are better against highly armored units and sharp weapons are better against low armored units. There are just some things you do not know. This guide below is designed to help newcomers to the game and help the players get a good foundation.

Trix is a youtuber who quite recently has been killing it at the MORDHUA game. He has all the tips and tricks you need.

The newcomers guide:

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  1. Thank God for Mordhau! I liked Chivalry but things were getting a bit boring and Mordhau was like a breath of fresh air to me. I like the Assassin build because you can attack swiftly before they know what happens but I also sometimes like to use the Defender build just for the sake of mixing things up.

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