Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted Coin Guide

Need help finding all the coins?? Look no further!

BIG thanks to Dawko for helping us out with finding the coins

Prize Counter – On the counter to the right

FNAF 1 – In Monitor around 3 or 4AM

FNAF 1 – Bottom Left Drawer

FNAF 1 – Under Cupcake

FNAF 2 – Between Screen and Camera Switcher

FNAF 2 – Put on Mask, Coin on Desk

FNAF 2 – Let Puppet Kill you, Coin on desk as puppet walks down the hall

FNAF 3 – Wall Code 395248 above the vent camera monitor

FNAF 3 – To the left of the regular camera monitor

FNAF 3 – Let the ventilation error happen and the coin is to the left of the vent on a box thing

Nightmare BB – Shine flashlight above you on the fan, coin drops down

Bonnie – Strum Guitar more than 3 times, coin spawns on the right corner of the left desk

Bonnie – Right side of the left eye cleaner

Bonnie – Under plush Bonnie

Chica – In the bin on your right

Chica – Behind soda can on left desk

Chica – Feed chica pizza until Chica bites it, coin spawns on desk

Freddy – Behind HIS LEFT ear

Freddy – Under left Music Box on shelf under the top shelf

Foxy – Put his head on your head and the coin spawns on the left desk

Foxy – Under the gears on your right

Mangle Vent Repair – On your right in the gears

Ennard Vent Repair – Second section of the level, on your left in the compartment where dropped gears go

Circus Baby Night Terror – On your right on the tipped over box

Circus Baby Night Terror – On your left behind circus baby plush

Circus Baby Night Terror – On your left behind the box that the previous plush was on

Ennard HARD MODE Vent Repair – After Ennard tries to lift the vent after completion, look on your left side, the coin is in Bonnet’s eye socket

Pizza Party – Find FNAF 3 Hall with Chica’s head, coin is by the vent

Pizza Party – Find Plushtrap’s room and go in the far left door, coin is on the present to your right

The Gallery – In the drawer on your left

Credits: Dawko’s YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/dawkosgames



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